We are a small business in Missoula, MT.  All of the products are cultured marble.  Our marble dust comes from the tailings of marble cuts, that comes out of Georgia.  Everything is made out of recycled dust and turned back into a usable product.  They are all dishwasher safe, and the pet dishes are vet approved.  Each item is unique, and no two are alike.  We do custom orders in lots of colors and sizes.  Art can be added to most things.  Send us a picture of your own and we can inlay it into your purchase for an additional fee.  Marble makes a great gift for anyone, even those who are super hard to shop for.  

Custom orders are priced by square foot:
3/8'' thick items are $20.00 per sqare foot
3/4'' thick items are $35.00per square foot 
Vanities are $35.00 per square foot